15.9.17. 5.30pm BRLSI. Anders Johan Lexell, His contribution to the discovery of Uranus.

Anders Johan Lexell (1740-1784). His contribution to the discovery of Uranus. Dr Johan Sten, University of Helsinki, Finland. BRLSI 15.9.17. 5.30pm.

“The Intimate Universe”, Thursday 23/11/17, Bath University, 7.30 pm.

Joint Public Lecture Bath University and William Herschel Society. Dr Marek Kukula, Public Astronomer, Old Royal Observatory, Greenwich.

“Skylark”, Britain’s First Space Rocket. Thursday 5/10/17. 7.30pm

Joint WHS/BIS Lecture. Robin Brand

From Far to Near: Imaging the History of the Universe. Friday 1/9/17. 7.30pm

Robert Fosbury, European Southern Observatory (ESO)

Event at The Mission Theatre, 32 Corn St, Bath


Thursday March 9th, 2017 1930-

Friday March 10th, 2017 1930-

“Lina” explores the lives and obsessions of brother and sister William and Caroline Herschel. Both talented musicians and celebrated astronomers, they studied the universe and mapped the stars from their garden in 18th Century Bath.



The WHS Annual Lecture, Black – hole Driven explosions and the Dynamic Universe, Prof Carole Mundell, . 3/3/17, 7.30pm.


Mercury Rising – measuring temperature through time. 3/2/17, 7.30pm

Friday 3rd February, BRLSI, 7.30 pm. Mercury rising – measuring temperature through time, Prof Graham Machin, National Physical Laboratory (Annual Dick Phillips Lecture).

Understanding Cosmic Explosions: gamma-ray bursts and other violent phenomena in astrophysics. 6/1/17, 7.30pm

Dr Hendrik van Eerten, University of Bath