The Society publishes a twice yearly Journal which is sent out to all members in hard or soft copy; price to non-members of a hard copy is £5. The Journal Editor, Tony Symes, is always looking for suitable articles for publication. New potential contributors should get in touch via the contact page.

Many publications relating to Herschel and his family are available from the Herschel Museum bookshop. Those sponsored by the Society include:

The Herschel Chronicle by Constance Lubbock

A limited edition reprint of the biography of the Herschel family first published in 1933 by Cambridge University Press. It portrays the life stories of William and Caroline Herschel in the setting of their family circle, using some of their own words by extracts from William’s autobiographical notes and from Caroline’s very full journals and letters. This is the most complete and authentic record of this remarkable family, at a cost well below that of the rare copies of the first edition.

288 pages with index, in blue hardback with gold blocking – Price £20

Memoirs of Caroline Herschel

This is a collection of memoir and correspondence of Caroline Herschel, the first lady astronomer and sister to Sir William. The work was first published in 1879 by Mrs John Herschel and has been reprinted by the Society in March 2000 in commemoration of Caroline’s birth 250 previously in 1750.

Paperback – Price £20

You may also be interested in the following articles:

“Harmony of the Spheres” by Dominique Proust.

William Herschel’s  “Treatise on Music”  by Dominique Proust and Gus Orchard.

There are many books in print either wholly or partially about the family –  see Herschel Publications