WHS Annual Lecture, The Great Quasar Debate 1963-1986, Prof Mike Edmunds, Friday 18th May, BRLSI, 7.30pm

Prof Mike G Edmunds, BRLSI, Elwin Room, 7.30pm

Mike Edmunds, MA, PhD, FRAS, FInstP, CPhys, Emeritus Professor of Astrophysics, University of Cardiff.

“Paler Blue Dots: Technology Developments on ISS for Finding Earth 2.0” Dr Daniel Batcheldor Friday 13th July, BRLSI, 7:30pm

Caroline Herschel and the nearly all male world of eighteenth century science. Dr Emily Winterburn. BRLSI, Thursday 5th April, 7.30pm.

Kew Observatory and the birth of solar-terrestrial physics, 1st February 2018, BRLSI

Lecture by Dr Lee Macdonald, Thursday 1st February 2018 7.30 pm, Elwin Room, BRLSI

The Musician/Astronomer and his friends. The Holburne Museum 12.10.17

15.9.17. 5.30pm BRLSI. Anders Johan Lexell, His contribution to the discovery of Uranus.

Anders Johan Lexell (1740-1784). His contribution to the discovery of Uranus. Dr Johan Sten, University of Helsinki, Finland. BRLSI 15.9.17. 5.30pm.

“The Intimate Universe”, Thursday 23/11/17, Bath University, 7.30 pm.

Joint Public Lecture Bath University and William Herschel Society. Dr Marek Kukula, Public Astronomer, Old Royal Observatory, Greenwich.

“Skylark”, Britain’s First Space Rocket. Thursday 5/10/17. 7.30pm

Joint WHS/BIS Lecture. Robin Brand

From Far to Near: Imaging the History of the Universe. Friday 1/9/17. 7.30pm

Robert Fosbury, European Southern Observatory (ESO)