Saturday 1 Oct 2022 09:30 – 17:45 BRLSI All-day conference – A Celebration of William Herschel’s Astronomy

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This event is part of H200 – the Herschel Society’s celebration of William Herschel on the bicentenary of his death.

Mike Edmunds – The Context of William’s Life and Work.
Jim Bennett – William Herschel’s Telescopes
Wolfgang Steinicke – William Herschel’s Astronomy
Sian Prosser – William and Caroline in their own words
Bob Fosbury – Infrared demo
Josh Nall – Wiliam Herschel and Georgian Views on Extrterrestial Life
Michael Perryman – Giant Strides from Herschel to GAIA
Round Table (Mod Charles Draper)
Allan Chapman – Closing remarks
Charles Draper – Close and thanks, closing drinks for those at BRLSI

A link to more information about the talks and the speakers will be provided soon.

This conference can be attended in-person at the BRLSI or remotely by Zoom. A link to purchase tickets will be made available here soon.